Photography around Anston, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, North Nottinghamshire, England, UK, Europe and the world.

I have loved being out in the countryside since I was encouraged to do that through the Church and Scouts when I was growing up.  The Derbyshire Peak district is within an hour drive of where I live and is totally opposite to Sedona in the USA which I once travelled to.

Digital photography

I have had a computer since the first commercial one came out (I trained as an electronics engineer) and it is great combining the skills I developed over the years with taking pictures of the wonderful countryside and beautiful villages, towns and city’s close to where I live.

Landscapes, Countryside, buildings, people and animals

I will take the odd picture of animals and people, but prefer taking Landscapes and include people where possible.   It may take me hours to draw or paint a picture, but a camera takes an instant photograph and I also have time to admire the beautiful scenery at the same time.  With modern digital photography, there are so many things I can do to my pictures after I have taken them to create even more wonderful artwork.

Nikon D3300 camera

I currently have a Nikon D3300 which I am getting used to.  For me photography is as much about luck, of being in the right place at the right time, to take photographs of extraordinary things.

I will be posting pictures on a daily or weekly basis on my blog for you to admire.

My blog is here timawellsphotographyandprints.wordpress.com/blog/

I will be adding to my gallery on flicker and blogging each time I add a new album.

If any of the prints appeal to you and you would like one, please contact me via tim.wells@hotmail.co.uk or telephone me on 01909 282435.

I can add any of my prints to www.artpal.com/timawells. so that you can purchase.  If you know of a better medium to sell prints of photographs, please let me know.

I would love to combine my love of taking photographs and being out and about with making money.  If there are any opportunities to do work for you, please give me a shout.   You maybe a business or organisation elsewhere in the UK, who would like me to take photographs of a particular situation or scene, saving you money and time

All the best




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