Laughton en le Morthern St Johns church Pagan well Photograph

I have gone past St John’s church at Laughton en le Morthern and not thought much of it.  But recently I have been intrigued why it existed so close to the other church at Laughton.   I found out that St John’s church used to be the parish church of Throapham, Letwell and Firbeck.  Throapham used to have a Lord and Manor.   Note that the Dinnington parish is now called Dinnington St Johns.

I met Kev Bullock at the church and he told me a little more about the history of the church.  He showed me the Pagan well that was used for Celtic worship.  People used to come from right across Europe for the Midsummer festival, until the Church was built there and it was replaced by the feast of John the baptist.  There is an interesting grave stone set into the entrance of the church (shows what looks like a pair of scissors) and also a foot scraper is set into a grave stone with what looks like Celtic insignia on it around the door entrance.

St Johns started as a Saxon church, was converted into a Norman church and the tower was erected in the 15th century, you can see how much lighter the tower was to the main part of the church.   St John’s is now only used a couple of times a year, as most services are now held at the local All saints church.

Never judge a book by the cover, their is a lot more history on your own door step than you would realise.

The Celtic well has been filled in to stop people falling in it and is covered by a man hole cover, but you can see the original lining of the well.

Celtic well
Celtic well
St John the Baptist
St John the Baptist


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