Sheffield and Nottingham Robin Hood Full Marathon certificate photograph s

5,000 10,000 metre Middle distance.

I set myself a goal of running the Sheffield Marathon, I was half decent at cross country running at school and used to love watching Brenda Foster and David Bedford in my school days.  I also remember watching a film called “The Games”.   Michael Crawford played a Marathon runner and was a milk man.

Half marathons

After leaving school I started running 6 miles a day.  My ultimate goal was the Sheffield Marathon, but I completed a number of half marathons first and other six mile events.   Each time I came to the Sheffield Marathon I ended up only going in for the half marathon, as I wasn’t strong enough.

Nottingham Robin Hood Marathon

I did run my first marathon in the Nottingham Robin Hood Marathon in 3 hours 30 minutes in 1983.  Its a very flat course, running through the city centre.  I remember running through Nottingham Forest football ground, along the Trent river and around the National water sports centre Pierrepont.

I recieved both a certificate and Nottingham lace for this.

Nottingham Lace
Nottingham Lace
Nottingham full Marathon
Nottingham full Marathon

Sheffield full Marathon

Finally I did manage to run the Sheffield full Marathon in 1985.  I had an injury just before it, but ground out 23 miles the Tuesday before on a wet evening, so thought I could do it this time.  This isn’t recommended.

The first half of the Sheffield Marathon was very hilly, there was a massive climb up to Ecclesfield church.  My dad thought I would do a sub 3 hour Marathon, but the first half of the Marathon was very hard.  The second half of the Marathon was very flat, but I hit the wall on the final three miles from the Town centre.  I got some encouragement from a friend who also ran and had completed the half Marathon.

I had just started work at Midland bank at the time and another member of staff had seen me climbing up through town on the final part of the Marathon.  My manager was proud of the fact I was in his department and was telling other managers in the bank about it, when he found out.  I did a very respectable 3 hours 10 minutes, not bad for somebody who knew nothing about psychology, the correct diet and training methods.  I was so proud having a pint after the Marathon and hearing the first lady come in 5 minutes after me.

I recieved a medal and certificate, but no longer have the medal.

Sheffield Full Marathon
Sheffield Full Marathon

The Sheffield Marathon dropped back to a half Marathon in 2003, so disappointing to say it was a full Marathon from as early back as 1929.  I think the Sheffield Marathon was probably the toughest run in the country, the elite didn’t want to come, because they only want fast times.

After this I dropped back to less impact sports, such as walking and cyling.  At 52 I have no ailments and am probably as fit as I have ever been.

All the best



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