Westminster abbey London Photograph

You will find Westminster abbey around the back of the houses of Parliament, its an impressive building and even more so when the bells are chiming.  The area was also packed with so many people taking selfies.


Westminster abbey
Westminster abbey

All the best



4 thoughts on “Westminster abbey London Photograph

  1. Stunning picture and it looks like you went on a good day 🙂

    I also wrote something about my pet peeves of commuting in London. Check it out at tootinghustle.wordpress.com and let me know what you think!

    Happy blogging x

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    1. Yes, I picked a perfect day to come down to London. Couldn’t get the full panoramic view due to the size. I worked in London in the 1990’s had to drive right into the city with Telecommunications equipment, it makes the tube a picnic. All the best Tim

      P.S. Do you know Citizen Smith.

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