Davy United and Davy Markham Prince of Wales rd photograph s

I decided to go and take some pictures of Davy Markham, as I had been told it had closed down.  However I have since found out that Davy Markham hasn’t closed down and is doing well.  My Dad, Granddad, Uncle and Great Granddad all worked here.   My Grandparents garden was connected to the back of the company.   My Granddad got permission to put a gate in the fence, imagine that in this day and age.

Rolling mills and the Lovell Telescope Joderell bank

Davy United’s were famous for making Industrial rolling mills and other large metal structures.  My dad helped to make the bearing for the Lovell telescope at Joderell bank.  My dad had his name engraved on the original bearing back in the 1950’s/60’s.

Militant Unions

The trouble with Davy’s was the militant Unions.  They once had held the record for the number of walk outs in a day.  My dad left the company in 1970.

Apprenticeship at Davy Mckee

I applied to be an apprentice at Davy Mckees as they were called then in the 1980’s and was turned down.  Probably a good thing in the long run for my career.

Drawing offices Prince of Wales rd

Here are a selection of pictures.  There are a number of large steel sheds.   Each of the main sheds had their own offices.   There was also a massive state of the art drawing office, which was sold off and is now a large multi use office block.  This office block still looks modern 50 years later.

Trafalgar House

Trafalgar house did a massive amount of damage to the company and did nothing more than asset strip, selling of assets for maximum profit, with no real interest in the future of the company.

Davy United’s

Davy United’s were bought back out by management after being sold off to a foreign investor and merged with Markham of Chesterfield.

Davy Markham

If I have been inaccurate, please let me know, so that I can modify the information in the post.  Hopefully Davy Markham have a good future ahead, with the resurgance of industry in the UK, following leaving the European Union.

Davy United sheds
Davy United sheds
Davy united drawing offices
Davy united drawing offices
Davy United works offices
Davy United works offices
Davy United drawing offices
Davy United drawing offices
Davy United security gate
Davy United security gate

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3 thoughts on “Davy United and Davy Markham Prince of Wales rd photograph s

  1. Just a quick comment, it was Davy McKee not McKnee as written. Still going although arguably nothing like it was when you describe in the 70s, nothing like the man power of those days and we don’t own the site anymore or any of the other buildings on the site. still doing some impressive work, big fabrications etc in the large buildings on the site that you have pictured. not the volume that had been done in the past. Do a fair bit of sub contract machining work also for companies such as Sheffield forgemasters so still get large castings going through the shops occasionally. Many of the employees still here have been here for thirty or forty years so we’re here when the company was as you describe.



    1. Andrew thanks for your comment and I have updated to McKee, not sure why I called it McKnee. I remember roads being closed down and massive engineering parts being removed on Sundays in the 60’s. Glad to see that the company is reestablishing itself and hope you grow in strength. Who now owns the buildings? I owned shares in Trafalgar house who were taken over and I was given cash instead of shares in the new company.


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