Loyal trooper South Anston Photograph

The Loyal Trooper at South Anston is looking the best it has looked for some time from the outside following a refit.  However, a chain has taken it over and turned it more into a food place and removed much of the old traditional interior.  The public house is now much more sterile.  At one bit it had a Lounge, Taproom and a Games room on the back.

As a family,  we used to walk up there in the early 70’s on a Sunday evening.  I was only allowed a bottle of pop and a bag of crisps as I was well under age.

The public house was said to have links with the English civil war.  A battle is said to have been fought on Butcher’s orchard, which used to exist on the other side of the A57 and is now a housing estate.

Loyal trooper South Anston
Loyal trooper South Anston

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