St Wilfrid’s Church, Scrooby Photograph

Scrooby is famous for William Brewster, one of the lead members of the Pilgrim fathers.  He came from a wealthy family and went through great hardships owing to his beliefs.   Henry the VIII had gone separate from the Catholic church and the separatists still objected to the very hierarchical system he had in place.

William Brewster

William Brewster held church in his Manor house away from the church.  He ended up living in Holland.  He then progressed to the New world by the Mayflower.

Scrooby village

Scrooby village is well worth a visit, especially on a sunny day.  You can also visit the Pilgrims father’s public house for a drink and lunch.   Scrooby is located on the Great North rd, the original A1 route.

Scrooby church
Scrooby church

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