Bawtry Doncaster Photograph s

These are photographs of Bawtry I took last weekend.  The weather was what I class as very dirty or murky, so they aren’t the best photographs I have taken.  I have also added a few photographs that I edited on my Nikon, that brighten the images up.


Bawtry has become a very upmarket town, probably due to the many executives living in the surrounding villages.  Doncaster is on the East coast train line, probably less than 1 hour 40 minutes from London.  There are now some very exclusive shops and restaurants at Bawtry.  I noticed a shop selling very expensive prints in frames.  You will also find a mews with lots of exclusive shops in it.

Market Town

The big disappointment is that the market area is nothing more than a car park, charging about £2 for a couple of hours parking.  I refuse to pay for parking and found somewhere free to park.

Inland port

At one bit Bawtry was an inland port and if you go down to where the river idle is you will find buildings, that remind me of an old port.   Before the Chesterfield, canal existed the Don and Idle were used for transporting goods.  The river Idle doesn’t look deep enough anymore to transport boats.

Great North Road

Bawtry was also close to the Great north road (A1), so benefited from the stage coaches and finally the Northern railway.  Bawtry is now going through another boom period.

Bawtry town centre
Bawtry town centre
Bawtry town centre
Bawtry town centre
St Nicholas's Church
St Nicholas’s Church
Bawtry town centre
Bawtry town centre
Bawtry town centre
Bawtry town centre
Bawtry town centre
Bawtry town centre

All the best



3 thoughts on “Bawtry Doncaster Photograph s

    1. Hi Mike. Yes, I recommend a summer visit. But there are plenty of exclusive restaurants and public houses you can sit in on a cold wet day. I recommend a walk away from the centre towards the river Idle. All the best Tim


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