Dinnington High st Sheffield

Dinnington was formerly a mining town, until around 1985 when there was a mining strike and shortly after the closure of the mine.   The High st got hit badly and has only just recovered the last 5 years.   The only thing missing from the High st is a shoe and men’s clothes shop.  There is an Aldi at one end of the town and Tesco at the other.   Recently a Fulton foods opened up in the middle of Dinnington, in competition with Heron who sit on the other side of the High st.

Niche shops

It would be nice to see a few more niche upmarket shops and for the market to be modernised.  I would like to see the market situated on the High st on a Friday and Saturday morning and for the Market area to be turned into a modern Mews.  A modern mews would be a great gateway from the recently built modern bus station.

HSBC closure

It is quite astonishing that HSBC is closing the local bank down.  Dinnington now has far more jobs here than when the sole industry was mining and many white collar workers have moved into the area, doubling the size of the town.

Dinnington is a town on the move.

Here are a couple of pictures from either end of the High st, which is about 1/2 a mile long.

Dinnington High st
Dinnington High st

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