Pied wagtail

This little bird appears on the land down the side of my house every day, looking for food.  I haven’t a clue what type of bird it is?  Can anybody inform me?  My dad has since informed me it’s a Pied Wagtail, it’s looking for insects in the newly turned over land.


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2 thoughts on “Pied wagtail

  1. Is it a White-breasted Nuthatch? They live in deciduous forests (or a few trees grouped together in a neighborhood). flit around a permanent territory with a year-round mate. Pairs maintain contact with a nasal “ank” sound, and will visit feeders for sunflowers, peanuts and suet. (I feed mine peanuts and they can swallow an entire peanut or carry it back to where it lives.) Their nests are typically in a natural cavity in a large tree. I’ve also seen them live in the same kind of area mentioned above, in a large pine tree. If you leave seeds the eat out in the open after they see you, you can put them out where they were sitting and they’ll come out to collect them in less than five minutes. They are such a delight to have as “part of your family.” They recognize your face when the see you, so their returning to your yard is not an accident. The like you!

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