Firbeck village

This is the first time I have actually had a good walk around Firbeck village, normally I have driven to the Black Lion pub and never even walked around the village.  This picture was taken as I was leaving the village across the fields to Letwell.

Firbeck hall

I was hoping to find the entrance to Firbeck Hall which I didn’t.  Instead, I located an estate called Parkhill, that I had never heard of before.  Parkhill was famous for Anthony St Ledger, the person who the famous race was named after.  Firbeck Hall was the place for the rich and famous to be in the 1930’s, BBC also used to broadcast a late night dance show from here.   Cyril Nicholson a Sheffield stockbroker pumped £80K into Firbeck hall to turn it into a country club.  The Prince of Wales visited Firbeck Hall during the 1930’s.

Firbeck Hall is waiting for development and the friends of Firbeck hall are trying to ensure this is done to keep as much sympathy with the original structure.   Find out more here  Since its heydey Firbeck Hall has passed from one owner to the other and lately development organisations.  Hopefully, something will be done to the building before it collapses, it would be such a shame to lose it.

Firbeck village
Firbeck village

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