Firbeck hall

At one stage Firbeck had two great houses.  Firbeck Hall and Parkhill house.  Parkhill house was knocked down in 1935.  Firbeck hall has been in a poor state of repair since the 2nd world war.  See more here.

Originally the house was a small estate.  A stockbroker bought in the 1930’s and turned it into an exclusive country club.  The Royals were known to visit from time to time.  BBC also used to host a Saturday night dance show from there in the 1930’s.

Recently the Hall has been sold on from one developer to another.  West Lodge house has been renovated, I am guessing this was the original roadway into the site, but the gate has gone and all that remains is a muddy track.  You can rent this Lodge if you want to.

I was told that the developer has to make good Firbeck hall, before he can build properties on the rest of the site.

I managed to take a picture of the house, by going around the back and taking a picture from the fields.

The footway into the site is across from the BlackLion pub, but is blocked off.

Firbeck Hall
Firbeck Hall
Firbeck Hall
Firbeck Hall
Firbeck Hall Footway
Firbeck Hall Footway
Firbeck Hall West Lodge
Firbeck Hall West Lodge

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