Peace gardens Sheffield

Peace gardens Sheffield.

This is the Jewel in the crown of the Heart of the City development.  I will provide pictures of the Winter Gardens that are close by in another post.  You will find many restaurants around this area.  Sheffield is trying to reinvent itself as a city of culture and arts.  My concern is not focusing … Continue reading Peace gardens Sheffield.

Midland station Sheffield

Sheffield Midland station gateway to the Heart of the City.

Sheffield city centre has been decimated since the arrival of Meadowhall and the change in shopping habits.  Sheffield city council are trying to regenerate the City centre and aren't making a good job of it.  However, the entrance to the Midland station looks great with its stainless steel waterfall and the fountain. If you leave … Continue reading Sheffield Midland station gateway to the Heart of the City.

Redgates Sheffield

Redgates demolition Sheffield

I thought something was happening with the Redgates toy store, as a previous blog post had received a number of hits.  I thought I would go today and take a picture on a sunnier day, but I was too late.  Demolition is in progress and Redgates will become a cinema and restaurants. Redgates was probably … Continue reading Redgates demolition Sheffield

Big Wheel Barkers Pool Sheffield

Big wheel Barkers Pool Sheffield

The last time the big wheel appeared in Sheffield, the town centre was buzzing.  At the moment Sheffield town centre is in a bad state of affairs, so many shops are closed down and the quality of the remaining shops leaves little to desire.  I doubt that things will change in Sheffield until people realise … Continue reading Big wheel Barkers Pool Sheffield

Griffin house Sheffield

Midland Bank HSBC Griffin House/Pennine centre 41 Silver st Head Sheffield

I worked here for 15 years between 1985 and 2000.  I didn't realise how depressing the building was, it's certainly not been well maintained since I left in 2000.   Midland bank moved staff out of London to here in the 1970's and this building used to house skilled workers, especially those in the Information technology … Continue reading Midland Bank HSBC Griffin House/Pennine centre 41 Silver st Head Sheffield

Flower bed Buckingham palace London

Flower bed Buckingham palace London.

I managed to take this photograph at night and make it look daylight, by altering the light sensitivity on my Nikon D3300.  The flower beds are beautiful around Buckingham Palace and the Mall, but this insults the rest of the UK who don't get this lavish spending.  As a Northerner going down to London, I … Continue reading Flower bed Buckingham palace London.

London Marathon Mall Union Jacks

Mall London Marathon.

I happened to be in London a day before the Marathon and took these photographs of the Mall.  It looked splendid with the Union Jacks either side of it.   I believe the British Monarchy belongs to the past, but can still admire the beauty of many of their buildings, without being subservient to them.  There … Continue reading Mall London Marathon.

Admiralty arch Mall London

Admiralty arch Mall London

The Mall was closed off for the London Marathon the next day, so it allowed me to get the perfect picture of the Admiralty Arch from both sides.  By this time it was getting very dark and not as light as these pictures make it out to be. All the best Tim